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Full Stainless Steel Guard Aegis Center Guard Gen2 Stainless Face Guard

Brush Guard

A whole lot of cutting edge technology has gone into the Onki Full Stainless brush guard. The unparalleled combination of oversized T-304 stainless steel tubes, hidden weld technology, polished mirror finish, and vehicle specific wrap-around design has resulted in the handsome, beefy, and unique look of the Onki brush guard. An easy to assemble modular system plus a limited lifetime warranty equals to a sure winner. All these has led to the new standard for brush guards now known as the Onki look.

Onki did not stop here. Back in 2005, Onki introduced the next generation Onki Gen2 brush guard line that has the same original design, quality, strength, and durability of the Onki T-304 all stain less steel model with some slight modification. With the Onki Gen2 brush guards, the uprights and brackets now come in electro-painted heavy gauge steel, resulting in a substantially more affordable price. If this were not pointed out, no would even notice the difference except where if counts the most - the pocket. The Onki Gen2 is also referred to as our stainless face brush guard.

Our customers have spoken and we have listened. Introducing the new Onki Aegis Center Guard - all the protection sans the light wings. The Aegis Center Guard is Onki's unique version of a Bull Bar / A-Bar combination resulting in the minimalist treatment of an A-Bar merged with the beefier design of a bull bar complete with three quarter height solid uprights. For those who have been wishing for the Onki look without the light guards, your dreams have been answered with the Onki Aegis Center Guard.

Our brush guards include:


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